Captain and the Pack

Tabitha on roof wall.jpg

Hi Friends, I am Tabitha but everyone around these parts calls me Captain.

I run things for my Mum, she is just a wee slip of a lass.  Jemima and I used to be able to run around all day from inside our home and onto the roof.  You can see me on my outpost keeping guard and watching.  After a day’s watch I would give the news to Mum so she knew what was happening around us. This was one of my jobs. Until that fateful day.

I do not know what happened to me I was sat on the top of the wall on the roof and the next I knew, I was plummeting down to the ground-floor balcony.  Mum did not see it happen, she does not miss anything our Mum.  I landed in the middle of a pack of dogs. Where did they all come from?  I could not move my back legs, I was in so much pain.  Sure enough Mum heard the loud noise and carrying on outside, popped her head over her balcony only seeing the yapping and snarling dogs.  Within seconds Mum was outside and with her loudest Aussie voice and accent yelled :



This never ceases to amaze me and our neighbours that the Egyptian dogs obey her every command.

They fled immediately except Zoltar the dog who guards our home, he was sat watching me from a distance making sure I did not get more hurt or ran away.

Mum looked at me and sighed

“Oh Tabitha you naughty girl!”

I was not sure about being naughty as I had no idea what had happened.

Mum gently picked me up and carried me inside.  I was wriggling, I wanted to just go and hide and with Mum this would not be happening.  Ah! I had to be examined, and washed, washed and dried! Oh this was not the end of it, you do not know Mum I had to lay there still whilst I had some healing, this was sweet, warming and pain relieving.  My legs, my legs the pain was going.  Mum is good you know.  I love her soooo much.

At last I could crawl away and hide to lick my wounds and check myself out, I can do this you know, all of it myself.

About two days and my legs were right as rain, well almost, just a little stiffness.

If it was not bad enough falling without reason into a pack of dogs, now we, that is both Jemima and I are grounded like forever.  Mum will not allow us on the roof again. Mum said I would only try and do it again.  Try and do what again, I told her I did not know what happened. Nevertheless, Mum knows best.  Anyway we have tons of room inside, Mum has it arranged so we can climb and jump all over the place it is heaven.

We still keep guard though from the windows and Mum’s balcony, that took her a long time to let us sit out there.  You have to admit Mum does this because she loves us sooo much and we love her too.  We all look after each other in this family.

Take care and be aware of times when life can spin out of control even for a cat!

(This is a true story it happened last year.)

simply be you, live your life simply

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