We Love to Dance

We love our dancing.  Dancing is great for shifting your mood and energies.

Dancing Tabs

I always liked to exercise to keep in good health.  Living in Egypt all the floors are ceramic and nowhere to buy a mat.  I love to dance this is one of the best grounding exercises you can do.  There is no where to go dancing either.

I put some music on and started to dance on a regular basis and to my surprise Tabitha tried to join in with me.  At first Tabitha would run up and down with me just to be at my side and then after we moved house and had recovered from our illnesses Tabitha reminded me to dance again.

I put our music on and she really tries hard to do the moves and keeping in time with the beat.  Then one day I found her trying to work out how to do the hand movements, well she leaned over the breakfast bar and that did not work eventually she lay on the floor and moved her paws from side to side.  I should really do a video of her.

Cats have their own ways even when it comes to music and she loves Lionel Richie and would only dance to his songs.  Then strangely she took to dancing to Irish Music, I would play the music from the internet and she just loves it, we danced for hours to this.  I was so amazed at her.

Jemima will join in the dance too swinging her hips but not very often she prefers to sit and listen.

When I get distracted with life Tabitha runs to me to remind me to dance and reminds me to do certain exercises too. I do not know what I would do at times without my cats they keep me going and we have lots of fun.

I hope you enjoy this I know many cat lovers have great experiences with their cats they are more than a pet.

Blessings to you all.

simply be you, live your life simply

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