Keep Strong as you were strong before

You have been strong long ago and strong you can be again.  You may be feeling like this :

Courtesy of Free Big

People waiting to ravage your goodness place stumbling blocks in your path.
I have walked alone too long now and it is time to gather in groups of likeness.
Goodness creates a power flow the combined power flowing into our worlds driving us forward into the unknown at least a united front.
We are broken shattered pieces melding back together supporting, soul loving and fun loving we are.
Tread carefully and take care with who is joining us on the rocky and harsh road we face daily. Sometimes the view is smooth, golden and pristine and other times it is harsh.
The harshness comes from those who must try to stop us at all costs.
Protect your relationships they may be surely tested, the monsters stand around waiting to rip you apart. Listen to your soul and not to your unwanted guidance.
There are too many power struggles going on at the moment keeping your equilibrium can be difficult they will push and sway you as best they can.
All I say is listen to your soul to keep yourself from drowning in the negative surges which are thrust upon us in these times.
Your Soul is your truth it is clean and pure.  The Soul’s connection is strong within the Divine or with God.

 simply be you, live your life simply

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