Sad Times in new life

This was a very sad and disturbing part of my life with my cats, I was fortunate


in that I had bought a months worth of food, as it was impossible for me to leave the girls alone especially Jems.

I was going out of mind in trying to get them both to drink or eat they would not eat anything.  Tabitha would lie for hours on top of the Air Conditioning Unit hardly moving.


I scoured the internet to find out what was wrong with them.  They were so sick.  I had to calm down to be able to tune into them.  Like every mother with their child I was in a panic.

 I kept receiving they have been poisoned so I search the internet and all I got was take the cat to the vet, well that is not always a good idea in Egypt from personal experience.  IMG_1735

I knew who had put the poison down, and I was not feeling so great either we had just moved into our new home and I was ready to become settled with my fur babies they were not a year old. The girls must have ingested some poison dropped on the floor. I was exhausted from the move and also feeling sick, I had to start to cleanse the floors sweeping and washing them many times it was hard work, but it had to be done.  I had to try and make sure the floors would not harm them or me again.

Jemima was drooling all over the place.  I had to keep wiping her mouth and also she kept shaking her head a lot.  Tabitha, fortunately was not so sick, she was just very lifeless.  They both had high temperatures and I reduced this by placing a damp face-cloth or flannel on them.  They both got immense relief from this. (If you place a cool damp flannel on the feet of someone who has a fever it will draw the fever down and out of the body. I developed this technique many years ago.)

I listened to my intuition again and received the information give them milk, I thought how they do not drink milk any more.  Despite what I knew, I put a bowl of milk down for them and carried Jems to the bowl. Jems drank and drank the milk, bowl after bowl.  Milk is what you give people if they have ingested poison it is an antidote.


The milk and the cool damp face-cloths is what saved them both.  I never left their sides for a whole month.  It took a month before they felt any better.

Tabitha recovered quicker than Jemima  and she found it hard when her sister and constant companion was no longer running around again with her. This seemed to distant their relationship as I had to lay down next to Jemima virtual all day.  I could not leave her she would become too upset.


Thanks to God, healing and prayers they both recovered and are in excellent health now.

It was a trying time for the three of us but we came through it all of us stronger than before.


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3 thoughts on “Sad Times in new life

    • Puzzles of the Soul says:

      So sad when people are so cruel in putting things down for get rid of animals. Like you I would have been bereft if I lost my kittens as they were at the time.

      At the time I was frantic and the Vets here well enough said about them. I searched everywhere on the internet and found that Milk was a good antidote for people when they had ingested poison. This was my last hope for her as she would not eat or drink anything. I poured some milk in a bowl and carried her to it, dunked her nose in it and to my surprise she drank, and drank, bowl after bowl of milk this cured her. Thank God is all I can say. Funny enough Jemima will not touch milk now only water, but her sister Tabitha likes a little milk every day.

      Love to you and take care Blessings.


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