What does Evolving mean to you?

What does Evolving mean to you?   For many they chose to follow the scientific theory from ape to man. Being so limited and confined is so difficult for me to understand.


When you understand more about the soul and the creation of a soul evolution takes on a new meaning.  Life has more meaning when you consider how old some of the ancient souls and they are still growing and aspiring to be better than they were.  This is evolving.

Souls evolve over eons it takes time to learn and progress.  Each gift bestowed has to be learned and perfected.  You have a passion to create and be creative this is a gift within you.  The gift has to be defined and refined into a usable energy and then manifested into a form suitable to  be applied in the environment in which they have chosen to live.

Evolution of species of the Earth physical form going from being a monkey to man just does not happen.  They are different soul types that is the monkey and the man.  The Stone age man is a different soul type from today’s man.

Then there are some who believe they are more evolved because they are vegetarians one of the worst people on the planet was Adolf Hitler he was a vegetarian.  What you eat has no effect on the soul only the physical body.  Of course it is better to eat clean food, organic food as it is good for your body whilst you are on Earth but thinking being a vegetarian or a vegan makes you a better soul this is false.  For those of you who think the Dalai Lama is vegetarian, he eats meat too about twice a week for his health.  We all have our reasons for our diets and people should not be judged for their choices in life.

How do we Evolve more on Earth? I would say Earth is a difficult planet to evolve as there far too many negative or evil influences but we can do it.  Those of us working on the Life Journey are cleansing, this is stripping out all the personality traits collected and stored in the spiritual bodies surrounding soul and are discarded when we die.

When we cleanse and release issues we have gathered in this lifetime and those we have inherited from relatives.  We start revealing our true nature our Soul urges us the clear the unwanted blocks and limitation which are inhibiting us from being our true selves.

Once you have connected to your soul then you start to evolve and pull information or what we would call hidden knowledge as it is all contained in our soul. The more evolved your soul the more knowledge you can access from the All, the Divine Spiritual Kingdom. Even then we are restricted on what we can download from the Divine Spiritual Kingdom as there is a battle going on between the Divine and Evil.  When we are in our Soul Groups within the Divine Spiritual Kingdom we have more access to information. We have our study groups, goals and also tutoring less evolved souls to encourage them to reach higher and strive.  Some of the lower levels within the Divine Spiritual Kingdom are almost like living in a hell.  The Souls in these areas have not discarded their mental body which holds the personality, therefore, they continue their life as they were on Earth, having to satisfy bodily needs.  This level is too close to the Astral Plane and perhaps whole families exist there.  They hold each other back simply from wanting to stay together.  This is not the way of the more evolved souls.

More evolved souls have discarded all their spiritual bodies quickly after death and transfer to their soul group.  The groups are more concerned with Praising God,  Soul Love, Prayer, Healing, Self-development, Manifesting, Eradicating Evil and working as an interconnected soul group to enhance the power for good. They have no interest in succumbing to bodily needs as they are evolved enough to know they no longer require this.

Evolvement has nothing to do with species, though some animals and plants have more evolved souls than people and when they die they transcend into the higher realms and often are part of spiritual groups.

Evolvement has nothing to do with species, the food you eat but how much effort you have put into developing your soul.  There are descendents from many high level soul groups and planetary systems on Earth who are now trying to release the limitations been placed on them in this life so they can do what they  incarnated to do and that is prepare for the changes and assist in the changes on Earth.

May your life be always blessed.

simply be you, live your life simply

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