Transference of Healing

Transference of Healing, as a Natural Healer I fully understand about the transference of healing, that is Healing Energy Channeled from a Natural Healer to the recipient.

Little did I know that my young kitten Jems was capable of this type of healing.  My healing journey has been a long one and the greater part self-healing, until my two cats Tabs and Jems came into my life.  God knew I would refuse all healing help from another practitioner and going to see a doctor is out of the question.



I often had muscle spasms in my legs or some would say cramps.  The spasms were more painful and severe than a cramp.  I would get the spasms in both legs at the same time and had done so for many years.

On this particular night I was by myself as usual and the muscles in my legs went into spasm. I managed to get off my bed and try to stand it was impossible now the muscles in my legs had locked.  I was in agony crying and screaming but who would hear and who would help.  I could neither sit nor stand but grasping on the wardrobe to hold myself.  I had no strength in my arms to massage my legs and I could not straighten or sit to be able to massage the muscles in my legs.  I usually walked around to get rid of cramp and it would go quickly.  I could not walk either.  Grasping the wardrobe I cried and cried.

Tabs was sat at the side of me crying too as I thought and then Jems sat right in front of me.  Jems started to cry or as I would say doing a deep primordial noise very loud and vocal it came deep from within her soul.  Slowly she stood up on her back legs supporting herself on my kaftan gently she pulled herself up to stand and touch my knees.  Oh so gently she leaned forward and touched both knees with her paws and instantaneously the spasms went.

I was so shocked my little darling had channeled the healing and in a second the pain was gone.  I could stand-up, sit down and walk no problem.

I was so grateful to God for this and to Jems for being a channel on this occasion.  Jems would be about a year old when she did this healing for me.

I have been free of these spasms since this healing.  I still get cramps in feet and legs but this is usually to diet and lack of exercise.

Please note I have not trained my cats to do healing their response is natural and they work only with me.  They work according to God’s guidance through themselves.

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