Why all the illusions?

They call it the mind or the ego always something very vague and transient in many ways.

The ego or the Evil Dude as I will call it. Is an entity which births with us.  It is physically within us and has its own voice which often mimics male or female speaking to give confusion.  It gives you a false sense of a guardian and generally drives you down a negative route, it also is the trigger for the gut feelings, please note this is not intuition, another illusion.

The Soul generates no feeling just a sense of being whole and complete, the Soul speaks gently and encouragingly.

We often here about duality this comes from the constant battle between the Evil Dude and your Soul.  You have to empower your Soul to override the Evil dude within you.

How do you do this, simple through prayer, clearing yourself and your environment, keeping your connection to God strong.

Allow your Soul to have expansion to grow in strength in the being part of the All in the Divine.

The Evil Dude needs to meditate to be part of the matrix.  Have you seen the film most have.  Do you remember seeing how they are all connected to energise the Greater Good as I will call it, which is the greater evil?

When you meditate you are linking with Evil Dude’s buddies and they are energising the negative network on this planet, a form of mind control.  Meditation has no good effects your mind/ego or Evil Dude makes you feel like this.  This is why more and more people are turning to meditation and meditative groups, they are not what you think they are.  They are energy tanks but not for you.

Napping or resting is far more beneficial and in these quiet times your Soul will open for you to receive guidance or you will do inner work reviewing your life and limitations.

Now is the time to work on your Soul to make yourself stronger and in control of yourself. You have to do this so you can be of use in these changing time.

God Bless You Always.

simply be you, live your life simply

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