Everyone has a heart!

Everyone has a heart this is true.  I have been talking about this subject now for more than 20 years.  I believe I was the first to put the thoughts out on the media.

The heart is just an organ or a muscle which pumps your blood around your body.  As you can see below, it is not Love transmitting.  There are many theories as to how the Heart Organ became a focus for Love.  I believe it was to move people way from understanding the truth.  The truth being the Soul gives Love and the vibrations make the heart beat.


Heart Organ

Unfortunately not everyone has a Soul this is the big problem.  Too many have an entity which connects to the heart organ and its vibrations make the organ beat.  This is why people have differing beats due to the entity or soul which inhabits their body.

The Soul is energy which is created or manifested by God and its components varying according to God’s plan.

Entities have been created by evil and we usually call them Demons, so when we hear about the inner demons of people this is so true, it is their inner being which is a demon, scary isn’t it.

What Soul people have are limitations and blocks which have been created from associating with demonic people.  We have created the blocks or emotional triggers in order to survive this planet.  Below is a pretty illusion we all have come to know and love.

It is all part of the illusion so we do not try to connect with our Soul.  It keeps the negative mind entertained.


I enjoy all the pretty love things too but I like to know the truth.

Question everything always be happy with your own knowledge.

May you have a Blessed Life.

simply be you, live your life simply

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