Let It Go – They Say !

Let it Go

Let It Go – They Say !  This is the “In Expression” at the moment.  It is all very well these Gurus taking their feather duster to your life and wafting it through your life to remove your problems, emotions and hurts like they were a speck of dust.

In many instances day-to-day upsets can be easily forgotten and let go.  This is not a problem for most people.

It is the ingrained hurts and emotions from real trauma in life which are harder to let go because we relive them all too often.  The mind plays a big part in this by triggering the emotions connected to these hurts and emotional pain.

It is impossible to just “Let Go” as they say.  There are many factors which have to be in place before someone can “Let Go”.

You have to be in a good emotional place, that is strong enough to face and accept what has happened in life.

No good forcing the issue as it can be damaging.

You have to be prepared to at least forgive yourself for allowing this to happen to you and it is not always possible to forgive and forget those who  were party to the emotional problems.  At least forgive yourself even if it is not your fault.  This will release you from the pain.

You have to want to “Let Go” as your soul has highlighted you are ready  to face, accept and release the ongoing issue(s).

You are forging a new path and changes are happening quickly this will bring issues to the fore at the right time for release.  You are ready and willing to “Let Go”.

So many attend events held by these gurus and everyone is Yeah, Yeah when they are there.  Reality kicks in when you return to your home and nothing in your life has changed or you may be in a worse state than before you attended the event.

Letting go of the daily upsets are easy and really most of the niggling upsets should be just ignored as they take up too much time and energy from that day.  Being right with people is what is important especially those you love and remembering their Love for you not the little issue you are experiencing at that moment in time.

Often the deeper pain is easier to “Let Go” when real love and support comes into your life.  The Love and Caring of another person makes it easier to “Let Go”.  True Love is powerful it releases many things in your life.

For many unknown reasons many of us have had to face our past life alone but still supported through God and the Divine.  I suppose this is because we are just that bit stronger than most and even then Love from others makes a huge difference.

It is only Soul Love which makes the difference, the Love through which God created your Soul.

Steps to Take to Let It Go

You feel ready to face and accept the events or issues which have harmed, hurt, traumatized you.


You have to forgive the guilty party many people feel they are unable to do this as they really want to see retribution for what has been done to them, and this is fair.  Forgiving them releases you for the event and the issue but in no way does it release the guilty party from this they still have to face their punishment for the offences they have committed.  Forgive yourself too for being involved in the traumatic events.


You have to forget the pain and trauma but remember the lesson you have learned from this even if it is just hanging on to the pain too long and allowing someone to take control of your life by making you suffer.

Be gentle with yourself always and allow yourself to grow and develop in your way.  Always look for your truth in all things, this may change from time to time as you expand your understanding.

If you do not understand the lesson you should have learned always ask God and the Divine for the answers.


Under no circumstances do you allow another practitioner to work on your soul.  Only you should work on your Soul.  The are too many bad practitioners around who will mess with your soul, even the jumped up practitioners.  It is too dangerous and you will wish you had refused to allow them to do any work. Too many people out there playing God in the name of money.

There are those who state they can remove your pain and deep-rooted issues, do not believe them because they cannot, only you can.  If someone else removes anything from your Soul what will you learn – nothing.  You risk having an incompetent practitioner playing with the most sacred part of you – that is your SOUL.

I would be very happy to guide or support you through your Letting Go of painful issues which you can do yourself and there is no need to share private things from the past with anyone the work is between you and God or the Divine.

I teach my own techniques which work quickly on the issues which are ready to be released.

Blessings to you always.

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