Forgiveness I believe is one of the hardest things to do …. Why?


Why is forgiveness hard to do?  

It is hard because we have to be honest about ourselves and our behaviour.  We have to be honest about other people’s behaviour too especially if we have allowed them to delude us.
Those who are on the Journey of Life and working on a path or mission are continually cleansing and releasing, part of the cleansing we do is forgiveness and as the Soul strengthens so does the desire to rid the emotional states which hold us back.
Emotional states which hold us back, what are they?
They are emotions or reactions to unpleasant times in our life which we suppress to survive or tolerate other people in our lives.
How do we forgive this state?
  1. We have to learn to forgive ourselves for allowing others to impose these suppressed emotions.
  2. We have to ask God to forgive us for not listening to Him and our Soul which is our true self.
  3. Sometimes the pain from the suppressed emotions is too great to be able to forgive the person completely.  This then results in an inner battle between Soul and Mind/Ego as to what is right.
  4. If you can identify properly with the person the wrong committed but really cannot face forgiving them.  The next best thing is disconnect the links between you and them transmuting the links and filling the space with peace and joy so you can both move on and not be tied through this life or maybe future lives on this particular issue. You are releasing both of you and after all do you want to be connected to someone who can hurt you so much, not really.
  5. Then forgive them because you no longer wish to be tied to them karmically.  If in return the other person finds it hard to be honest with themselves about committing a wrong to you they will still be held for punishment but it will no longer involve you.

How do we forgive ourselves?

  1. As we cleanse our wrongs will bubble up to the surface and slap us in the face.  It is like “I cannot believe I did or said that”.  We no longer can escape the cold hard truth about ourselves.
  2.  Learn to accept what was done was not our true self and that it was very wrong. Ask God to forgive you and forgive yourself.  You must ask the person we hurt for forgiveness because we now realise our wrongs against them.  This can take a form of a prayer or statement if you no longer see them.
  3. As above disconnect the links so you can move on with your lives knowing you are no longer tied to the issue(s)

All the time we are evolving our own awareness and acceptance of our life and the more clear our picture of ourselves is, the easier it is to start to reshape our new life.


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