Empowerment of Women, What is it about?

Women Empowerment

We are seeing so many groups being headed up to empower women, I have to question what is it about?

I am not referring to the groups of women who have come together to protect women and educate women to make them stronger teaching them their rights.

We moved from an ancient time of peace and harmony on our planet to one of acrimony and disharmony with the arrival of evil and their integration into the population of this planet.

The subjugation of women was brought into being and from what I have observed it was to control good women because it has had no effect on the harmful, bad or evil women in fact it did empower them.  The harmful women rode on the backs of this and meted out their envy, jealousy and atrocities to other women.  These women blame men for inflicting the suffering on women where in fact it originally came from jealous women in the first place.

This is why I believe there is difficulty in bring together women under one united front.

The harmful women are controlling, loud and lazy, though some are not loud they work quietly doing their skullduggery.  They use other people to do their work and harmful women have this skill off to a fine art.

They feed off other people this is the vampire trait within them to succeed and energize themselves.

I have joined a few groups as I was drawn to them and within a couple of the groups they have been founded by genuine women who really want to help with relationships in that they teach harmony and how to maintain a loving marriage or partnership. The members give good advice or support.  Others have been founded by successful business women who wish to help and promote other business women giving support and guidance. Others seem to be a platform for those who feed off others with overbearing women who have taken their knowledge from others without any understanding of what they are trying to promote and are all about themselves i.e.”My Affirmation is Powerful” and they clearly have no understanding about constructing Affirmations or anything they are stating.  There is a constant posting of the same old famous quotes.

I just feel the latter are groups of those seeking personal power and not interested in helping strengthen women.  It takes a good woman to help strengthen other good women because let’s face it harmful women are only interested in their own power and control over others be them women or men and will do whatever it takes to gain than power.

From my personal experience of being on Twitter which for me turned into a snake pit of vampires feeding off my Soul Quotes and sending them out as their own minutes if not seconds after I posted them, straight back into my own timeline.  These were Life Coaches, Personal Coaches, Business Coaches and so-called “Spiritual” people.  They built their reputation from other people’s unique skills, taking the credit for the knowledge.

I worked for many years in the IT industry which is predominately men and I did not find all men easier to work with but in general they were compared to many of the women who infiltrated into this working environment which was perfect for them to get “men” to do their work for them and also use women who could easily be dominated. I used to find myself giving support and encouragement to other good women I worked with to help them deal with the disparaging environment.  At work the vampire women would openly regularly attack me because I was good at my job and worked very hard and met every deadline which these lazy women could never do.  If I complained about the attacks or confrontations it was ignored and in fact I had my own manager (man) get angry with me about complaining, which I once did when things started to get too rough.   My quickness to assess people really annoyed these women as I could clear see them for what they were. This gift or talent of being able to see people clearly has been useful to guard myself though still some have managed to slip through the net or I have ignored what I was seeing.

“Power”, “Getting Back Your Power” for me are not good expressions. As this infers that we are an ultimate power or omnipotent.

I prefer to use inner strength and becoming stronger and more able to deal with situations.  Life has taught me this right from being a child where my own mother was a control freak and psychic vampire.  I had to regain my “Will” make it stronger to become who I needed to be and do what I am here to do. I had to learn how to take control of my life and path.

I try to encourage other “good people” to do the same be them men or women as it is “Good” people on this Earth who need to become stronger not the harmful ones and there are far too many of them.

Some may think I am anti-women, no I am anti-evil in whatever form it takes.

Now in particular is the time where the veils are being lifted for good to be able to see evil more clearly.  Many good people are afraid of what is happening where really evil should be afraid as they can no longer hide.  Beautiful isn’t it!

On Facebook I have now connected to some really amazing people from around the world both men and women, it makes me very happy and I feel comfortable surrounded by these people.  This is a first for me,  it has taken too many years to get to this point but it is well worth it.  They really do love and support each other and I find it so uplifting and a pleasure to open my Facebook to be greeted with genuine soul expressions of encouragement and often a post with just the right advice for that day.  These people are not just about themselves they are about “WE”.  As it is “WE” who are going to make the changes and not just women but also men have an integral part in this too.  This point brings another post – women’s learned attitudes to men.

“WE” have to pull together to make other good people stronger and support them help each take control of their own life and learn to apply their unique gifts, talents and skills to create a new world environment.

Blessings be on everyone who has read this post.


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