Being Judgemental is it Good or Bad?


Judgemental is a word people view distastefully.  Being Judgemental of others is considered to be lacking compassion and unkind.

Being judgemental can be a form of abuse especially when people ridicule, mock, hate and are cruel to others because of their race, religions, culture, traditions, gender and financial status.

Being judgemental of race, religion, belief system, traditions, culture, relationship partners and financial status is wrong.  This is their truth being critical of them you are stepping on to a bad path of living.  This kind of attitude is not defining your truth but your learned bad behaviour and thinking.

This form of despicable behaviour is learned from society, family and friends it is harmful both to the person receiving and to the one who doing it.  This form of being judgemental is unacceptable.

How do you learn to decide what is good or bad for you?

Perhaps it is better that you analyse and question everything.  You have to find away to make decisions on everyday life to live your own truth.  This form of being judgemental is good because it is about making judgements which are good for you and do not harm anyone else.  This is also a form of protection.

Your own truth is what is good for you perhaps it is not good for anyone else except you.  This is all right and good.

By analysing and more important questioning everything rather than accept what others say and do is right or a fact is very foolish.  You have to know it is good for you.

Eventually by questioning everything you find your own truth and as time goes on you will change your views over and over the more you begin to understand yourself.

How do you learn to understand yourself more?

Working with your Soul enables you to quickly find what is the best for you in all things.  Your Soul is the true you and holds your complete truth.

You have to learn to be decisive, analytical and judgemental to learn what is right for you and as you build up your knowledge of experiences throughout your life based on whether they were good or bad this helps you to judge and make good decision for you.

When you come across a person who is harmful or hurts you in any way be it abusive, controlling, unkind, spiteful and nasty regardless of family, relative, fiend, race, religion or gender.  You remember that trait this now prepares you for dealing with others who are similar.  You have learned to judge behaviour which is unacceptable to you.  This kind of judging or analysis is good.

So depending on how you apply being Judgemental thinking this can be either good or bad.


11 thoughts on “Being Judgemental is it Good or Bad?

      • Eric Said Nothing says:

        What are your thoughts on how the soul exists? Is it an energy force that is separate from the body and it’s energy, but coexists along side? Is it an energy force that exists with the exact same forces, atoms, protons, quarks, energies, but operates somehow on it’s own? the soul separate or made of the same stuff?


        • Puzzles of the Soul says:

          Hi your comment got stuck in the system and did not register on my notifications apologies.

          The soul is an energy or orb which inhabits the body in a cavity between the throat and the center of the chest. It is pure essence created by the Divine/God and when we become aware we start to connect with our soul. Soul always gives positive advice without emotions. The soul and the Divien are connected to the Divine through prayer not meditation. Through our connection to the Divine that our Soul become inspired with new thoughts, ways of looking after ourselves, healing, protecting ourselves and others. I am not scientific. There is no way to describe Divine Energy. It is possible to see it with spiritual vision. The Soul shines out through the eyes. You can tell a good soul by the eyes and bad being has dull eyes they look dead as they are spiritually dead. Good soul’s eyes glisten. If you require more information let me know

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  1. PlantsandBeyond says:

    Without analysis or “judgment” there is no way to discern the right from wrong. So glad we are on the same page, Nanette. Recently one of my new acquaintances told me that I judged the situation, along with the very rude person that came to my house uninvited and disregarded my greetings or questions to her while continuing talking to my kids… The new friend told me that it’s not up to me to judge the visitor and let the G-d decide… Honestly, that made me retread my steps, where I was convinced that judgment makes you decide in split second the safety of your or others wellbeing. So thank you for this article.


    • Puzzles of the Soul says:

      Eric, I agree with you. You have to be able to assess people who come into your home. Especially if they only seem interested in your children. It is the Divine or God who gives you the ability to be able to discern people, be that judgmental or not. We have to protect ourselves or unknown dangers can be entering your life. Thank you for your support and time.

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